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With hundreds of millions of photos shared every day on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it’s tough to keep track of when, where and how users are sharing your brand online. Bounty uses recent advances in computer vision technology to recognize logos and products, helping you connect effectively and efficiently with social media users.

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Bounty uses cutting-edge computer vision technology to scan the millions of photos posted on Twitter and Instagram in real time and find photos that contain your brand or product. Thanks to our machine learning algorithms, our software gets better each day!
What You Get: Once we've collected data on how your brand is shared, we'll help you understand it with in-depth analytics. We tailor our service to each client, adjusting and expanding our metrics platform to match your goals and answer your questions.

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Race Archibold

B.A. in Economics from Brown University


Over the past few years, Race has collected experience in sales & marketing capacities at companies in several industries, including a software developer and a cosmetics company in Hong Kong. Throughout his time as WBRU’s Station Manager, managing a team of professionals at a commercially independent media business where he learned skills in accounting, financial analysis, and setting long term goals for an ad-driven organization.

Noah Fradin

B.A in Computer Science at Brown University


From founding a company at age 17 which sold to the likes of NBC Universal and the Milwaukee Brewers to leading the product development team at the world’s largest online coupon website, RetailMeNot, Noah has strong working connections with social media & brand decision makers, as well as the computer vision knowledge to have built our first prototype and to lead the technological development of an organization such as Bounty.

Andy Triedman

B.S. in Neuroscience at Brown University


Having worked in a neuroscience lab for visual recognition and built an award winning algorithm for improved neural pattern recognition, Andy has a strong knowledge of the machine learning field. He also directed a commercial radio station with a yearly operating budget of >$1MM, giving him a strong understanding of the business strategy, financial analysis, and management needs of an organization that generates revenue through advertising sales.

Gen Patterson

PHD Brown University

Geneviève is a PhD candidate at Brown University. She works on problems at the intersection of object detection and crowd sourcing. Before coming to Brown, she completed a Masters degree in electrical machines at the University of Tokyo and BS degrees in EE and Math at the University of Arizona in her hometown, Tucson, AZ.

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